Food Delivery App like Postmates

A Detailed Guide to Build a Food Delivery App like Postmates

No doubt, a delivery app like Postmates holds the highest position in the market for similar solutions. Started from a simple MVP, it developed as an enormous product, recently procured by one of the best market leaders- Uber. Nowadays, food delivery apps are top-rated among every age group. Food is one of the basic amenities. As a result, Food Delivery App Development becomes a significant and tactical move for existing food businesses and a good platform for startups.

Everyone wants to create a food ordering app in 2022 for their food business and open up new opportunities. The food delivery sector faced significant shifts. Due to the major change in consumer behavior, online food delivery platforms are expanding day by day. It enables customers to order their food at the comfort of their homes without visiting any restaurants. It is possible due to the one food delivery platform known as Postmates. A postman has established a strong reputation in the market and has become a top-rated leader in the space of on-demand delivery app. This blog is for you to create your own food delivery appand developing an app like Postmates may boost profitability. 

Postmates, UberEats, Grubhub, etc, are the business players in the food market. 

What is Postmates? 

Postmates is a courier service launched in 2011. The founder of Postmates has combined a non-standard business approach and technologies to digitalize the on-demand delivery business. It is a platform that acts as a unified field for customers, vendors, and independent merchants (Postmates), who communicate with each other for on-demand services. This platform consists of a three-sided marketplace. Each side uses this platform in different manners according to the requirements and business needs. Overall, it is a customer shop for food and other products. The merchant receives the order.

Further merchants use Postmates as a channel to find out the customers and enhance their order size. Courier staff uses a fleet app to deliver orders to the customer’s door using food delivery software. To become a courier team member, you just have to fill a simple form. You don’t need to have a car as many distribution schemes are available for the business. Smartphones play a vital role in online food ordering app development and make this business smooth and seamless. Once you place an order, one of the nearby couriers to the destination will accept it and begins its competition.

An Overview of Postmates

  • Postmate was established by Bastian Lehman, Sean plaice, and Sam street in 2011.
  • Postmates’ headquarters are in San Francisco.
  • In the beginning, it began as a courier service that delivered consumer products to clients.
  • With a competent logistic crew, it was a revolution in urban logistics.
  • Postmates combined technology with a unique approach to the business model. That is, anyone can work as a courier, similar to the uber model for driver collaboration.
  • Later on, Postmates launched an on-demand food delivery app. Postmates currently has nearly 600,000 restaurant partners.
  • Postmates enfolds 80% of the meal delivery market in the United States.
  • In the United States, Postmates has a presence in over 100 urban areas.
  • Apple, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Walgreens, Chipotle, and other food giants have partnered with it.’

The Postmates Workflow Model in Four Steps:

In a cycle loop, four steps are responsible for the successful delivery of food.

Let’s take a look at how the Postmates food delivery app works. Creating just a meal delivery app that is a Postmates clone would not help you stand out from the crowd. Instead, create a meal delivery app that offers something unique genuine to its users.

Step 1: Browse Restaurants and Menus: Foodies may browse restaurants and menus in a precise approach and place orders.

Step 2: Payment: When a successful payment is completed, the order is considered received. Postmates is in charge of all payments.

Step 3: Matching: The restaurants are notified as soon as the payment is received, and the order is received. The nearest stationed delivery boy is dispatched to pick up and deliver the order immediately. The matching procedure is so efficient that the delivery can be completed in under an hour.

Step 4: Tracking Your Food: The Postmates app has built-in GPS tracking tools that allow you to keep track of your order. You can convey the message to the delivery personnel if there is a delay.

Postmates’ four-step food delivery process is quite convenient. To retain consumers, you should always create an on-demand delivery app and attempt to keep your meal delivery app user-friendly and straightforward.

Some Factors to keep in Mind before Started App Development

 It is important to research well and nurture your concept before starting app development to develop a seamless clone app. Follow some steps to minimize possible errors:

In-depth Market Research is Mandatory  

A detailed market data analysis is essential to identify all your competitors involved in on-demand food delivery services. You must know how to create a food ordering app such as Postmates. 

Also, you have knowledge about your direct rivals like Postmates, UberEats, and more. Check how successfully they have been and how they are promoting their products in the market. You will learn a lot from these companies. Never test key statistics, metrics of these applications. You can only know about them after doing a lot of research about them.

Figure out the Business Model

To figure the business model is one of the best ways to visualize your business model. The entire process is divided into various segments. For beginners, it helps them to understand their business from different perspectives. 

Another important thing is to consider every issue which is connected to the physical part of the app before you proceed to the on-demand food delivery app development process. It is a collaboration between shops and restaurants.

 It is also true that many big businesses can ignore your plan as they want to start their own in-house delivery systems. Thus, elaborate on all the services and advantages that a business can earn from your service while working with proper analytics.   

Payment is also an important factor that needs to be considered. 

Mainly payments are made with credit cards. So you need a proper plan to pay for the items by courier. It is always beneficial to develop an internal payment system. In this way, Restaurants will get money for the products, and payment will be paid from the bank account.

Follow Unique and Innovative Approach

Make your product unique and exclusive in the market to beat your competitors. Thus, you must have unique ideas and a set of features that are missing from your competitor.

Look them at different angles to find out how to build a food delivery app clone like Postmates. To execute this plan, follow the first step, which is to research well. Find out which approach they are following and what their target audience is. If you come up with an innovative and fresh idea in Food Delivery App Developmentno one can beat you to become successful. 

Keep Up With The Current Trends

Well, this move will help you to build a unique solution. To make your own food delivery appfollow the following trends:

1. Latest technologies 

Voice recognition, Chatbots, and speech technologies are buzzwords, and people welcome these latest technologies with happy faces. Well, these apps are handy and beneficial in their day-life routine. Don’t forget that these developments would affect the final cost of the application.

2. Customization

Make a customized program for various partners. Mainly this is done by Uber and many other service providers. These service providers offer a unique user experience for every target group.

3. Augmented Reality

There are numerous cases of AR use that vary from food viewing to navigation using a mobile app. It is not a cheap process. You have to spend a good amount of money to create an app like uber eats. Therefore, follow these above-mentioned basic steps that will definitely help to make your implementation idea wonderful.

Step By Step Guide to Develop an App like Postmates

The development of food delivery software just like Postmates can be a pretty challenging task. However, with the help of the on-demand food delivery app development company, you can bring your dream of having an online food delivery app to reality. As you plan to go for online food ordering app developmentmake sure to keep these few steps in your mind first.

Follow up with the latest trends of the food delivery market

Create your own food delivery app like Postmates featuring all the advanced technologies to facilitate your customers with a top-notch experience of ordering food online.

Choose the best technology at hand: Chatbots, voice recognition, etc. are amongst the modernistic technologies that can fancy your customers. However, they can be a little heavy on your budget.

Customization: Make your own food delivery app that features a separate panel for your business customers, also for restaurants. It can help to provide a better user experience to the customers along with associated partners.

Enhance Reality:  You may choose plentiful advanced technologies facilitating reality like food visualization to live-track the order. However, keep your budget in check too.

Conduct thorough research of the market

The marketplace includes your business audience along with your business rivals. It’s essential to analyze them both before you build your own restaurant app. Some of the deep analyses to do should include the strategy of your rivals and the possible capability of your customers to spend on online food ordering. You will find no pre-settled parameters to conclude your competitors’ positions; however, you can keep at par with your rivals by conducting a detailed market study.

Proceed to create a food ordering app when you are done clarifying all of these points.

Select your food delivery app model

When we talk about Postmates clone development, we need to know that Postmates is based on an aggregator model. The app partners with restaurants and also with a massive number of logistic services as well. When you make an app like UberEatsyou should opt for restaurants that don’t come with a delivery partner. They will be facilitated by being your food partner in such a case.

Additionally, various payment modes are essential to pay attention to while creating an app like UberEats. Include multiple payment modes so restaurants can receive payments for their services, and the cost will be charged from the company’s bank account. 

Offer something extraordinary to customers.

By just creating a seamless clone of Postmates will not bring you ahead in the competition. You will require to create a food ordering app that features something extraordinary for your customers. To conclude this, you need to conduct a thorough search to understand what your customers are missing and what they want from you. If you value your customer choices while creating your food delivery app, your customers will indeed give you preference over your rivals.

As you proceed with food delivery application developmentit will be essential to take care of each step and implement these steps precisely to create an on-demand delivery app like Postmates.

The Revenue Model to Monetize Your Application

Making revenue is the prime motive for which you wish to make your food delivery app. It can feel amazing to think how a food delivery app can help you to generate revenue. Here we have mentioned a few of the most common ways that help your business generate huge income with a food delivery app.

  • Delivery Fee: Food delivery fee is the prime source of income. You can decide on the minimum delivery charges based on the distance between pickup and drop-off location.
  • Income from the Restaurant: Your app will receive a certain amount of commission from the partner restaurant.
  • Advertisements: Ads work as a massive source for generating revenue for your food delivery softwareThe partner restaurants pay you an amount to run their Ads to boost their popularity.
  • Premium Member Subscription: However, your food delivery app will be free to sign up and use for the customers. You can still provide them additional premium features that they might like to have by taking up some premium membership fees. It can be an acceptable source of revenue.
  • Peak Pricing: Peak pricing works as a convenient and optional source for revenue generation. Clone apps like UberEats, eatseat24 clone, Talabat clone also utilize this model. By peak pricing means, the higher the demand higher the delivery fee charges. While being on peak seasons, you can take advantage of this model.

MVP: A Great Way of Creating a Food Delivery App

MVP or minimum viable product is a minimum yet essential feature you should include while UberEats clones app developmentExperts say that going with this model is the correct way to make your own delivery app. It saves you a lot of budget while reducing the chances of risks.

By including only essential yet the best feature in your food delivery app, you can serve the purpose of meeting your customers’ needs very sturdily.

In addition to this, it also tells you what other essential features you should be adding to your app to seek a better approach to your customers. 

Let’s find the essential key features you should consider while creating an MVP model for your UberEats or Talabat clone app for food delivery.

  • “Easy Sign-Up” Signing up is the first step for getting started with any app. Feature signing up using social media, email, or mobile number in your app. Or you can also facilitate old login methods of signing up using a username and password. Postmates made it relatively easy for foodies. It accommodated users to sign-up using their Facebook accounts. A study has mentioned that about 58% of Americans have an account of Postmates. So while you are proceeding to create your app like Postmates, ensure to incorporate an easy sign-up feature in your app.
  • Real-Time Tracking: You need to consider it your priority to ensure that the Real-Time Tracking feature is included in your app while in the food delivery business. For this, integration with Google Maps and Geolocation will be crucial. Let’s take the example of UberEats. Once the order is received and payment is confirmed, the customer can track their order delivery. The app also tells the customer the estimated time for the delivery. Make sure to include the best GPS features while your food delivery application development. 
  • Payments: Offer your customers the convenience to pay online using your food delivery app. To ensure the success of your food delivery app, you will have to provide the most secure payment modes to your customers that act in accordance with data security standards and PCI DSS.

You can feature various payment modes in your food delivery app like: 

  • Credit card payment
  • Apple pay
  • Android pay
  • Discounts, Referrals, And Promos: Discounts and offers always attract customers. So you should feature special discounts and promos in your food delivery app. You can also include referral programs like Postmates. Facilitate your customers to attain discounts via using promo codes. Incorporating this feature as you build your own restaurant app for food delivery can accommodate a great path to attract more of your targeted audience.

These features are the essential minimum features for complying with the MVP model to create a food delivery app. Besides these features, there is a massive range of other highly advanced technological features that you can include in your online food ordering app development like Postmates; however, it will depend on the level of your investment.

Some of the extra features you can add to your food delivery application:

  • Gamification
  • AI Chatbots
  • Customization
  • Pre-ordering and order customization

Based on your reach and budget, you can add various possible features to your food delivery app to offer a flawless experience to your customers.

Feature Selection

Few basic features come up with almost all delivery applications

  • Login and Registration
  • Order Placement
  • Payment Gateways
  • Order Tracking
  • Ratings and Reviews

But, if a customer is looking for a restaurant or a dish given below are some search features. These features are going to play another vital consideration.

Courier Facing Features
Booking and Order Couriers tender for an order
Registration Identification and approval of the courier is done by the delivery company before taking any further step
Delivery Status Delivery status has to be updated- rejected/accepted, picked up / delivered
Booking History Provides the history for the complete, rejected, accepted orders
Store/ Restaurant Facing Features
Admin PanelWeb-based administration panel
Placing OrderAfter registration orders can be placed
Notification Stay notified about when the drivers put in the order and also notify customers when the order is accepted
Payment gatewaysCreation and sending of an invoice to the customers via SMS or email.
Rating & Feedbacks Get feedback and ratings about the business and how it’s working
Customer Facing Features
Login and Registration Authorizing through means like- email / social media
Registering Card Multiple Card support: Paypal to Apple Pay Wallet
Automated Payments Automated payments through stripe
Order Details Item pictures to be attached n shopping list
Order Source pickupSelection of store or a restaurant by placing a pin over the map or typing the address
Delivery Location Selection of delivery location by placing a pin over the map or directly typing in the address
Order HistoryKeeping all records about what was ordered previously and making an ease for ordering again

Other immaculate Features for Online Food Delivery Apps

Real-time Messenger- Placing a call in a busy schedule could be confusing and inconvenient. So approving the changes or orders via instant messages would be making your customer happy. 

Pick-up- The feature allows a customer to pre-order so that the item can be picked up later on according to the time that suits you. This feature is getting vital and efficient day by day and hence expanding its reach.

Group Deals Instantly- Finding a random deal that disappears within a time over the specified app is quite addictive. As a customer initiate a group order from a certain location and joins undergone during the valid period is considered to be applicable.

Smart Virtual Assistant- Voice recognition technology allows informal interfaces to develop and respond quickly to the quires and questions of customers. These include- Siri, Google assistance, etc.

Final Words

In the current times, online platforms are essential for any business. Thus, it is always good to learn from the best and take pragmatic steps to create your own food delivery app as per market demand. It is a daunting task to cover all the parameters to make informed decisions.  Thus, always choose a leading food delivery app development company like Apps Minder who can fulfill all your requirements seamlessly. Their huge years of experience in the developing sector will help you to get what you want and to promote your business to the next level.


 Is it easy to start a business like Postmates?

 It is challenging to start a business like Postmates when already Tec-Giants are established in the market. But if you have a unique idea, you can do it quickly. All you need is a fresh idea, a team of experienced developers to make your own food delivery app.  Before starting, detailed research is essential to know about the latest technologies and target audience.

Can it be customized as per the requirements?

Yes, a seamless clone app can be customized as per your business model and the audience’s demand. The professional development team will guide you on which is suitable for your app which features you should skip.

Can we get food delivery apps like Doordash and UberEats?

Yes, you can get it quickly and perfectly with the help of skilled developers. At Apps Minder, our mobile app developers are highly expertise in Food Delivery Mobile App Development like Doordash and UberEats.

What technology is used in food delivery apps?

To develop a food delivery we use:

Frontend- Flutter

Backend – Laravel

How can I get a demo?

Please write to us at or call us at +44 161 818 9953 (for the UK)

and +1 315 210 4488 (for US) to book your consultation. Our team will assist you with 24 hours. 

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