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How Much Does It Cost To Develop an UberEats Clone App?

Uber is no less than an inspiration for several aspiring entrepreneurs who dream of building their on-demand food delivery app like UberEats. However, you will require looking for several aspects before you decide on your budget-friendly UberEats like the app. It is crucial to figure out what could be the cost of your UberEats clone app being an entrepreneur. Many factors help you decide the app’s quality that you are willing to create for your online food delivery business. Yet you need to consider the budget before you add all the desired specifications to your app.

This article will include everything for you to clear all your doubts to make the best decisions for developing an UberEats clone app for your business.

Know First What Exactly UberEats Clone App Is?

An UberEats clone app development is a model that helps entrepreneurs to start their own online food delivery business just like Uber. It also allows you to transform your pre-established food delivery business into an online on-demand platform. When you move your traditional food delivery business to the app-based online platform, you become able to reach new customers. An Uber clone app helps your traditional food delivery business boost its operations and reach potential customers much quicker. Are you ready to create an app like UberEats?

Cost Estimation to Make an UberEats Clone App

The budget is the first thought that comes to everyone’s mind while searching for UberEats clone app development. There are numerous factors on which the entire app estimation depends. We will give you a rough idea related to the estimation of mobile app development costs. 

The cost of creating a Food Delivery App like UberEats would be approximately 5000 USD to 20,000 USD. The cost estimation purely depends on the feature selection, functionality, and client requirements.

Following are the most fundamental costs that must be considered while designing a Food Delivery App for Android and iOS:

Design And Development

The cost of app design and development is the total you will have to spend on its testing and development.

Testing & Deployment

To Create Food Delivery App, you should ensure to test it before deployment. If your app doesn’t go as per expectations after deployment, it will certainly cost you a lot in such a case. To evade this situation and create an app like UberEatsyou should consider spending on the testing of the app pre-deployment.

Cost should always be the main concern of every entrepreneur seeking to initiate an app-based food delivery business. The below-mentioned points will let you know why it is vital for an entrepreneur to know the cost of developing the UberEats clone app.

  • The cost associated with the development of the UberEats clone app must be within the budget planned for initiating your on-demand food delivery business.
  • The pre-developed platform on which you will build your business food delivery app should have all the minimum basic features and functions that your customers expect in any food delivery app. However, you need to make sure that your budget won’t influence the quality aspect of your on-demand app.
  • The utilization of the latest technology will help you maintain the app in a much easier manner, along with featuring more flexibility to meet the requirement of your customers.
  • Make use of technical support if you have any queries while proceeding with your app. Your pricing plan will contribute to the period of technical support.

Main factors to keep in mind for UberEats Clone App Development

  • Platform Choice
  • Basic Features and Functionalities 
  • UI/UX Design Elements
  • Target Demographics 
  • Product Management and QA
  • Security Updates Frequency 

Features of UberEats Clone App that make your business stand out

The features differentiate based on the app type created for the online food delivery app business. We will make sure to include each of the most fundamental features that should be prioritized for inclusion.

Admin Dashboard Features

Database Management: Manage all the data of the restaurants, clients, delivery partners, and every single piece of information using the mobile-based app.

 Customer Management: Using the admin panel, you will check all the customer details, including their orders, time and date of orders, and the number of total orders.

Restaurant Management: Admin will be facilitated to add new restaurants or remove the old ones.

Offer and Promos Management: Creation and deployment of new offers and promos and including deals from the restaurant’s side.

Revenue Management: Manage customer payments, distribute them to restaurants, and pay delivery boys and commissions set for them.

Feedback Management: Manage all the feedbacks of the customers and answers provided by restaurants and delivery partners.

Push Notifications: Management of messages, emails, and app notifications for the clients, delivery partners, and restaurants.

Customer App Features 

Quick Login: Provide customers with quick registration and login using social media accounts or email for signing up with the app.

Nearby Restaurant Search: Find restaurants based on location, cuisines, and other relevant factors.

Menu Browsing Features: Browse the menu of the restaurant with the prices.

Order Selection: After picking the restaurant, the customer can place the order using this feature.

Checkout: The selected order will be added to the cart and will be available under this feature.

Push Notification: Notifications about new restaurants, newly-added features, or newly released offers and promos are included under this feature.

Order Tracking: Track your overall order journey with an estimated time for delivery. 

Review and Rating: Customers can share their reviews about delivery partners and restaurants if they are satisfied with their service.

Offers: Promos and offers accommodating customers with benefits on their orders.

Restaurant App Features 

Profile Creation:  Create a profile and start building relationships with customers using a feature-rich app.

Order Notifications: Order notifications are essential as once a customer places an order, the restaurant can start preparing it as soon as possible.

Order Management: Keep track of orders that are received, dispatched, and delivered.

Payments Management: Track payments being received through various payment modes.

Customer Details: The contact detail, location details of a customer will be visible under this feature.

Order Tracking: Monitor all the orders received, dispatched, and yet to be prepared.

Restaurant Deals Management: Provide special offers and promos to customers from the restaurant side.

Driver App Features

Profile Creation: The driver can create a profile sharing personal details, documents, contact details, and mode of payment.

Order Management: Drive will get the order details, including customer details, destination location, and customer contact details.

Order History: The driver will be able to keep track of the number of deliveries and types of orders he has made in the past time.

Multiple Deliveries Management: Manage multiple deliveries at a certain location and save time and effort.

Push Notification: The driver needs to be notified of any order modification or any policy changes.

Business Model for App like UberEats

UberEats is a long-term investment where you can earn lots of money every day as on-demand food delivery app development is growing day by day. Perks of this app are as follow:

 Get Delivery Fee from Customers

 The pricing model of UberEats consists of base prices plus surcharges. Lunch and dinner hours are peak hours, and in this time, most restaurants cut down their delivery services. 

Revenue Sharing from Restaurants

 Nowadays, UberEats earns huge recurring revenue sharing for the order handled by UberEats. These ranges vary from 15% to 40% depends upon the development of the market.

Advertising income from Restaurant partners

UbereEats charges their restaurant partners with some fees when a customer looks at the listed restaurants shown as the top searches. With the increasing demand for online food, it is most important to increase the app’s visibility. 


This blog gives a crystal clear idea about the cost of developing an app like UberEats. Food Delivery App Development costs around $5000 to $20,000. It totally depends upon the functionality, feature, and requirements provided by the business owner. Of course, the above-mentioned price is a rough estimation, and it varies according to the requirements. Contact us to know more!

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